Hello! Name's Fábio Fontes, and I'm a full-time freelance illustrator, also doing a bit of that video game development thing.


This site is still very much under-construction, but in the meantime I'm leaving links below to my two video game projects, feel free to check them out! Also some of them socials up there! I can also be reached out through email: fontesmakua [ @] gmail [dot] com

They are many, and they are strong.

You are but one.

...But you dunkehr.


Genre: Action Platformer / Fighting
Status: In development, released "when it's done".


Demo available on:

Drive at over 200 FASTS/h through literal Hell, witness PINK. BACK-FLIPPING. TRUCKS. ON THE FUCKING MOON! Draw on cars! And more!


Genre: Action/ Arcade Driving / Fighting
Status: Released!


Available on: