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I am not available for large-scale work. If you’d want me to do a few pieces in one go it may be arranged, but afraid I’m not available for anything that might require my near-undivided attention for weeks or more.


Thematic restrictions are almost non-existent. Fantasy, mechs, "eggplants", middle-aged mutant samurai frogs, whatever. If in doubt you can always ask. I’m an artist, not a judge.


Payment is done through Paypal invoices. Sorry, but my landlord doesn’t take bitcoins, Walmart coupons or those sweet, sweet eXpOsUrEs. While payment in advance is the default, alternative arrangements can be made for repeating customers.


Special conditions may be discussed (like withholding sharing the work till a specific date), but otherwise once the work is done I may show the piece on social media or other platforms. I may put it up there as a sample, but I will ask you first for that. Keeping the work fully private may cost you extra (more on this later).


I may take a while to get to your piece. Could be a couple days, could be a month. I’ll give you a rough estimate before things are settled and payment has been handled. Also expect a rough sketch for your approval before I move on to the final result.




You can email me to fontesmakua(at)gmail(dot)com. I may open exceptions for repeating customers to alternative contacts like social media DMs, but email will be the standard.

Also if you got to know about this through a social media platform and you could let me know which one for statistical purposes, that'd be quite helpful.


These are references, and as such are subject to change depending on what I’m asked to do. Factors like composition and detail level can affect the budget quite a bit. Definitely not charging the same to draw a traffic cone as I would to draw a fully-detailed set of medieval armor. Listed prices are in US Dollars.


Reference prices may be subject to change in the long run, but this won’t affect work negotiated prior to said changes. 


For anything that’s not listed here but you know I can do, I may or may not be available. The biggest factor is usually how much of a timesink the type of work might be. I may officially add/remove categories depending on factors like demand.

Misc Conditions


  • Additional Characters: +50~75% of a base character’s price. This will depend mostly on how they’re integrated into the composition. If the extra character is fully usable as a separate image, full price is charged.

  • Keeping the work private: +50% of base budget. This may or may not include temporary withholding if the period of time for it is lengthy. This will be judged on a case-by-case basis. If it's something like a birthday gift you'll want me to keep secret till the big day just in case, don't worry about it.


  • Tight deadline: +50% of base budget. Also to be judged on a case-by-case basis, but rule of thumb if you NEED it ready in less than a couple weeks, don’t be surprised if this kicks in. Keep in mind, a tight deadline can still be grounds to decline work. Just expect me to charge more if I do accept it.